Ruby Love

The vibrant color of Ruby resonates deeply with our emotions and embodies the very essence of love.  This captivating gemstone radiates with life giving properties and passion. Come shop our collection and wear this ultimate token of love.

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Our Beloved Eagle Collection

10% of each sale from The Eagle Collection supports the Urban Raptor Conservancy's mission to foster better coexistence with urban raptors in the Puget Sound region.


The stones are the stars...

Jamie Joseph jewelry has always been about the stones. Every hand crafted setting is lovingly made with each stone in mind.

  • Handmade in Seattle

    Every piece is made lovingly by hand in our Seattle studio using traditional metalsmithing techniques by our small team of artisans

  • 100% Recycled Metals

    All of our gold and silver is 100% recycled. We purchase from refineries and vendors who share in our mission of responsibility and ethics

  • Everyday is Earth Day

    We believe in creating a world that is just and healthy for us all by constantly striving to improve the way we do things