Ethics + Sustainability



*Land Acknowledgement

We would like to acknowledge that we gather and make on the traditional lands of the Coast Salish Peoples whose ancestors resided here since time immemorial. We honor with gratitude the land and the people who have and continue to steward it throughout generations.


*Equality for All

We believe in creating a better world to live in-one that is just, and healthy for us all.  Equality is a birthright, a human right, not a privilege.  Everyone should be able to love who they want and to be loved as they are.



All of our jewelry is made by hand, using traditional metalsmithing techniques by a small team of artisans, in Seattle, Washington.  To reduce our carbon footprint we use recycled paper products, nontoxic cleaning supplies, and LED lighting.  We are constantly striving to improve the way we do things so we can improve the health of the planet.  


*Recycled Metals 

All of the gold and silver we use is 100% recycled.  We purchase from refineries and vendors who are environmentally friendly and who share in our mission of responsibility and ethics. 



Tracing back the source of a gemstone is very complicated because, often, the rough material exchanges so many hands before it is cut, and then can trade many more before it goes to market, which makes the supply chain really difficult to trace. 

We have been buying gemstones for over 22 years and forging lasting relationships with gemstone miners and dealers who have a shared mission of minimizing environmental impact and respect for human life.  Since stone supply tracing is difficult, we turn our attention and focus to things we can do that make a difference for this planet.