Our Seattle Studio

All our jewelry is meticulously handcrafted using traditional metal smithing techniques by a small team of skilled artisans based in Seattle, Washington. Our studio operates with sustainability in mind. We have solar panels on our building, offset our carbon footprint from shipping, and plant a tree for each online sale. We diligently practice recycling and composting, extending to materials like plastics, plastic films, batteries and ink cartridges. Our lighting is energy-efficient LED, and we opt for laundered hand towels instead of disposable ones. We prioritize the use of eco-friendly cleaning products and purchase recycled paper goods. We're renowned for our meticulous craftsmanship, and attention to detail is reflected in the many ways we contribute to the well- being of our planet.

Envirostars Membership

One of our recent sustainability initiatives involves our membership in Envirostars, a platform that supports and recognizes environmentally responsible businesses who protect their workplace, community, and the planet in Washington state. We take pride in our top-tier recognition for our green practices.

Recycled Precious Metals

We are proud to use 100% recycled gold and silver in all our creations. Our sourcing is in harmony with our commitment to ethical and responsible practices. By using recycled metals in our jewelry, we actively contribute to the conservation of land and wildlife.

Ethical Gemstones

Understanding the origins of gemstones can be a complex endeavor, given the many intermediaries involved in the supply chain. Despite these challenges, we have spent over two decades cultivating enduring partnerships with gemstone miners and dealers who share our dedication to minimizing environmental impact and respecting human lives. While the journey of gemstones can be intricate to trace, we channel our efforts into actions that promote environmental health and reduce our impact on all forms of life.