Your Power Ring Awaits...

The JJ Power Ring: an emblem of strength and personal empowerment

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New Golden Joinery Has Arrived!

Presenting a limited release of our cherished Golden Joinery rings—a meticulously handcrafted collection that captures the essence of the Japanese art of Kintsugi in a wearable form

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The stones are the stars...

Jamie Joseph jewelry has always been about the stones. Every hand crafted setting is lovingly made with each stone in mind

  • Handmade in Seattle

    Every piece is made lovingly by hand in our Seattle studio using traditional metalsmithing techniques by our small team of artisans

  • 100% Recycled Metals

    All of our gold and silver is 100% recycled. We purchase from refineries and vendors who share in our mission of responsibility and ethics

  • Everyday is Earth Day

    We believe in creating a world that is just and healthy for us all by constantly striving to improve the way we do things

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