Collection: Eagle Collection

In January, Jeremy and I were startled awake by a loud boom, followed by a sudden power outage. After investigating the cause, we discovered a majestic bald eagle lying lifeless in the middle of our road. Jeremy carefully moved the regal bird to the safety of our sidewalk, ensuring passing cars wouldn't harm it. As he did so, he noticed the surviving eagle, the mate of the deceased, observing from above. It was evident that she was already mourning the loss of her partner. These eagles had become like neighbors to us, often roosting in the trees in front of our home.

Biologist Kersti Muul was the first to respond to the scene. Sadly, she determined that the eagle had been electrocuted due to inadequate spacing between power lines, failing to meet avian safety standards. Kersti assured us that the eagle's death was instantaneous and without suffering. Given the time of year, she expressed hope that the surviving eagle might find a new mate.

Last Thursday, upon returning home, I was greeted by the sight of two adult eagles perched in the tree. While there's no way to confirm their identities, it's a hopeful sign of nature's resilience. Jeremy, our neighbors, and I are overjoyed to welcome back our eagle neighbors.

Eagles have always held a special place in my heart, and I've been crafting eagle-themed jewelry for over a decade. Moving forward, 10% of each sale from The Eagle Collection on our website will be donated to the Urban Raptor Conservancy. Their vital mission involves documenting the challenges and benefits of urban raptors in the Puget Sound region, striving to foster better coexistence with these magnificent birds in our human-altered world. You can read more about their mission here

xx Jamie